pizza is like jesus on a plate

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Aloha! My name is Kullen, I am "21" in human years and your welcome : )


The Fifth Element (1997) Dir. Luc Besson

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Devon Aoki polaroids, 1 Model Management, 2009


Devon Aoki polaroids, 1 Model Management, 2009

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its easier to refer to them as a collective, kind of like a wolf pack of homosexuals except not tyler posey and dylan o brien and also i like the way it sounds coming out of my mouth, very fancy and filled with an admired disdain : )

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#depressionbaby  #also one of the girls was so high she said she wanted to deepthroat a cock  #very cute : ) 


mum: we’re having pizza for dinner

me: image

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lets recount the events of the night: a lot of homosexuals came over plus two girls neither me or my friend ryan really know, everyone except me proceeds to get drunk, then we proceed to smoke weed, i don’t get that high but one homosexual takes a few too many hits and gets sick and ryan and another homosexual and the sick homosexuals boyfriend take care of him while i play music and marvel at the state of the night : )

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#also waffle house  #and cards against humanity for a few seconds  #those girls are still here sleeping like  #blah  #lalala