I Think I'm Turning Japanese, I Really Think So!

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"Pizza is like Jesus on a plate"-Me

my eyes are tired but my mind is awake and i’m eating chocolate chip cookies its three in the morning lalalalalala

— 18 minutes ago

where can i get this “cocaine”? is it a new designer you kids are wearing to look hella dope? can i get it at the mall with my coupons?

— 31 minutes ago

What’s the hot jams? What’s the 411? What are the youth doing these days?

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The space library is open?

Reading your grounded Earth fashions from the Space Stay with Zenon and the alien crew *Protozoa’s “Zoom Zoom Zoom” plays in the background as I moon walk on the moon

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I was trying to think of something to type and I’m just gonna let my fingers do the talking my eyes are closed as I’m typing this so yeah this was pointless blah la la la

— 4 hours ago
#i am very restless right now  #its almost 11 o'clock  #the night has barely begun  #i don't make any sense 

by night one way by day another *turns into ogre*


by night one way by day another *turns into ogre*

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